From the wise and reputable Lewis Beale, via “Oscar has proven, once again, that it just doesn’t get it. By ‘it’ I mean that the Academy voters seem to be stuck in some sort of time warp where solid, dependable, well-crafted, but utterly non-innovative films like The King’s Speech get a bushel of nominations –12 in all, leading the pack — while a cutting edge, brilliantly directed and written, this-is-what-life-is-about-today film like The Social Network is relegated to third place, behind True Grit, in the nominations total.

“By relegating The Social Network to also-ran status, the Academy is sending a very strong message: ‘We like traditional filmmaking. We don’t want to think too hard. We want our lead characters to be sympathetic or, at the very least, colorful. This year contemporary issue films aren’t necessarily our cup of tea.’

“They’re also saying, last but not least, ‘What century is this, anyway?'”