Michael Cohen dropping his lawsuits against Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed means what? Obviously that he doesn’t want to submit to the discovery process and/or testify under oath that he was or wasn’t in Prague in the late summer of 2016. But in the wake of a two-day-old Washington Times article in which a Mueller staffer warned that “many” articles about the Trump-Russia probe have been “wrong,” there is pressure upon McClatchy’s Peter Stone and Greg Gordon to deliver a follow-up to their 4.13 story that said Team Mueller has “evidence” that Cohen did in fact visit Prague, according to “two sources.”

Cohen is basically a thuggish, Trump-beholden Michael Clayton…right? Without the moral awakening. Instead of Cohen saying “you’re so fucked” to Tilda Swinton or some other steely adversary at the end of the third act, knowledgable attorneys along with the entire Twitterverse are saying this to Cohen, day in and day out.