Only now can these be straight-from-the-cold-zone pics be posted. Only now can the dull, windswept, bone-chilling trauma of the 2015 Telluride Film Festival patron’s brunch be fully conveyed. It was awful but I was there, experiencing it firsthand like a champ and taking notes on the small fire that broke out in the serving area. Seriously, it wasn’t that bad but it kind of was in a sense because I was under-dressed. I hated the fucking dampness and those chilly-ass raindrops messing with everyone and everything.

Telluride Film Festival press liason and spokesperson Shannon Mitchell, snapped two minutes before I got the hell out of there and took refuge on the shuttle bus.

Documentarian Ken Burns trying to decide if it would be seen as rude or impolitic if he bailed as quickly as I was intending to.