I’ve been invited by the Weinstein Co. and Peggy Siegal to all the King’s Speech gatherings over the last two or three months, and each time I filed respectful and appreciative reports. But I heard zip about the NYC Geoffrey Rush gathering that happened earlier this week. This was due, I presume, to my having equated the announcement of The King’s Speech‘s 12 Oscar nominations with the arrival of Soviet tanks in Prague in August 1968. And yet I’ve always liked the film for what it is (i.e., in context), and the filmmakers and the Weinsteiners, etc.

I think you just have to smile and raise a glass and do the old noblesse oblige in these situations. We all know The King’s Speech has the Best Picture Oscar in the bag; ditto Colin Firth for Best Actor. Venting about this is just a form of emotional therapy, and will obviously have no bearing. No need to be unfriendly.