Tyrannosaur star Olivia Colman is here in Los Angeles for a week, doing interviews and whatnot. Two significant articles about Tyrannnosaur/Colman ran yesterday in the LA Times (written by Mark Olsen) and NY Times (written by Dennis Lim).

Quote #1 from Olsen’s piece: “‘This is not social realism,” director Paddy Considine said at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. “I’m saying, ‘Here are these people. These are their circumstances. There are the worlds they are from, and this is a love story about the people you walk past in the street. Those people you see at the local shop have got a story.'”

And quote #2: “It never felt like we were unsafe — it never felt like we were doing anything other than pretending,” said Colman, best known in Britain as the star of television comedies, on the phone from her home in South London. ‘But I’m very pleased if it looks real and upsetting to people.'”

You want upsetting? I was upset…well, a bit surprised when Colman declined my invitation to bring her to tomorrow night’s Academy screening of The Descendants. I’d envisioned snapping a shot of her with George Clooney. Ah, well.