The top video tells us that Col. Tom Parker, Elvis Presley‘s manager between 1955 and the early ’70s, spoke with a soft country accent. But for his portrayal of Parker in Elvis, Tom Hanks speaks with an odd accent that I’ve never heard before — half American, half European (Dutch?) and maybe a little touch of space alien.

In one or more of the Elvis biographies, a story about the fee negotiation for one of Presley’s first big TV appearances in ’56 (possibly The Ed Sullivan Show) is reported. The Sullivan show producer offered whatever the standard compensation was back then for a newcomer. Parker replied, “Well, that’s okay for me but what about the boy?” In an Elvis negotiation scene about what Presley will be paid for his Las Vegas Hilton appearance, the conversation is reversed. A Hilton rep mentions a sizable fee and Parker replies, “Well, that sounds about right for Elvis, but what are you paying me?”