AICN’s Capone and a few other goonies recently met with Harrison Ford in Montana to discuss Cowboys & Aliens, and the following exchange was part of it:

Q: “There’s a lot of talk about nostalgia and bringing a sense of nostalgia to movies currently for an audience. Jon [Favreau] mentioned earlier that they had envisioned a scene where Daniel Craig‘s character jumps on one of the alien spacecrafts as sort of a similar moment to that Vick Armstrong stunt in [an Indiana Jones film] where he jumps on the tank. I was wondering if there is also a sense of nostalgia for action adventure that drew you to this film as well?

Ford: “Nope.”

[Everyone Laughs]

Q: “Fair enough.”

Ford: “I’m in it for the money. This is my job. I love making movies and I love being a part of good movies and I love working with ambitious people. Nostalgia doesn’t enter into it for me.”

Shutting down a fanboy question and pissing on nostalgia with a one-word answer…quite excellent! But in another sense everyone says that Ford’s insistence on having his quote met before he opens a script is one significant thing that’s not working in Ford’s favor at this stage of the game. He has to adopt a standard two-tier approach — i.e., getting his quote for the big-budget projects but doing smaller films for a reduced fee because he wants to do them and life is short.