Come September Steven Soderbergh is planning on directing The Good German, a post-World War II romantic thriller written by Paul Attanasio with George Clooney and Cate Blanchett in the lead roles. And I guess…whoa, wait a minute…what happened to Soderbergh’s Che? Last time I looked this $40 million Che Geuvara biopic, which has a script by Terrence Malick and Benicio del Toro playing the lead role (along with Benjamin Bratt, Javier Bardem, Ryan Gosling, Franka Potente), was going to start shooting in Bolivia next August. Obviously this much-delayed project has worries up the yin-yang. I was just hoping that Che would be Soderbergh’s bounce-back movie…the one that would finally pull him out of his slump. He’s currently shooting an experimental thing in West Virginia and Ohio called Bubble…and I’m saying “experimental” because he’s using amateur actors. Producer Gregory Jacobs has described it as “a character piece, maybe even like a slice-of-life story. There is a murder that takes place, but it’s not a murder mystery.”