There’s a reason why I tend to tug down on the face mask so it sits just below my nostrils while driving. Repeating: While driving inside a sealed, air-tight space. Because the warmish air being expelled from my lungs collects under the mask and mostly escapes through the upper portion. This in turn fogs up my glasses.

Two choices: (a) constantly wiping the moisture from the lenses so I can see clearly in order to drive safely or (b) tugging down on the mask. Option (b) is obviously preferable, but admonishments from “virusbros” and friends alike have been unceasing.

Just for the record, virusbros is one of two COVID-19 terms that HE has recently coined and which are now entering the lexicon. The other (announced yesterday) is freedom drivers.

What other newly coined (or new re-defined) terms have been making the rounds? Ask anyone if they know what the acronym PPE means. I guarantee nine out of ten won’t have a clue.