I landed at Kennedy around 10 pm last night. 45 minutes (!) for the bags to finally appear on the carousel. Gypsy cab into Manhattan for $60 bills, and the guy avoided the LIE (or one of the highways heading into town) to avoid paying the toll. Awoke at 9 am or 6 am L.A. time. A Jonah Hill chat is set to happen downtown around 4 pm. Nothing wrong with a little relaxation from time to time. I have to get in touch with Glenn Kenny to…actually, maybe I should hold back on paying him that $50 I bet on American Hustle winning the Best Picture Oscar. It might just make it. The Movie Godz are foursquare against Gravity winning, I can tell you that. A Best Picture winner has to have some kind of social, political or psychological undercurrent — it has to say or reflect something about who we are (or who we used to be or want to be). Gravity says absolutely nothing except that we all want to survive — big deal.