In her “Oscar Voting for Dummies” piece, Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone breaks it all down and makes it easy for those Academy members who “have never [and] will never see all of the movies.” Except she advises against voting for the Best Picture of the Year, which of course is Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street.

Stone does so by saying “don’t vote for Ralph Nader…you know what I mean by that…there are three films that have the best shot of winning right now — 12 Years a Slave, Gravity and American Hustle. If none of those three are your favorite, just pick some other movie for the #1 spot then rank these three in order of preference because sooner or later your ballot is likely going to count only for one of those three movies.”

And yet she says that “no film has captured America in 2014 like Scorsese’s masterpiece…it’s about the pinnacle of gluttony and greed, of a people raised to take what they want no matter who they hurt or what debris they leave behind.”

No matter — she’s advising Academy members to get smart and vote for American Hustle, Gravity or 12 Years A Slave because Scorsese’s “masterpiece” is a throw-away Ralph Nader choice.

She concludes that a Best Picture win by WoWS would be “astonishing,” in part because “it would be the only film to win after an Academy member shouted ‘shame on you!’ to badass Martin Scorsese.”