It’s mildly interesting that The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has given its Best Film award to The Social Network despite early griping from some female critics that the David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin film pushed sexist stereotypes (which really didn’t add up when you factored in the strength of character and acute intelligence of Rooney Mara and the two women who played the deposition attorneys…hell, even Eduardo’s Asian girlfriend wasn’t terribly problematic).

Where were they going to go? What other film could the AWFJ champion at this stage of the game and still look credible?

I still think using the term “EDA Awards” is odd and a stopper since you have to Google it to understand the meaning. EDA is “an acronym for ‘Excellent Dynamic Activism,'” one site explains, “and the namesake of actress Eda Reiss Merin, mother of AWFJ co-founder Jennifer Merin.” I still don’t get it. EDA + ERM + AWFJ = alphabet soup