Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right (Focus Features, 7.9) had a premiere last night at the Sunshine Cinemas followed by a swanky Peggy Siegal after-party in lower Tribeca. Me and another photographer swooped in when Ed Norton showed up to chat with costar Mark Ruffalo, but Norton wouldn’t pose more than three or four seconds.

I was on an express train two nights on my way to Times Square, and fearful that I might be late for a screening. The train stopped at 34th Street due to “congestion up ahead,” the recording said. We waited and waited. Then the local came along so I hopped on that. As soon as I sat down the express train I’d just left took off, and then a recording said the local would be delayed due to “congestion up ahead.”

A mom who needed money and made a mistake. Too many miserable expressions. It airs on Lifetime on 7.19 Here’s the trailer.

Jacques between Mott and Elizabeth — 6.30, 8:55 pm. Jett and I sat next to Gabriel Byrne, who was chatting with a nice girl who wasn’t at all common (she had a well-born, well-educated demeanor) but “flirty…she looked about thirty.” And then 90 minutes later at the Kids Are All Right party I ran into Byrne’s ex, Ellen Barkin.