The Mick Jagger and Keith Richard love lifted the SoFi stadium off the ground last night…the entire place (the size of 10 or 15 Roman Colisseums stacked side by side and atop each other) dislodged from its foundations and rose above terra firma like the mother ship in Close Encounters. The crowd of 40K or 45K or thereabouts was as one.

That said, I kinda missed the intimacy of the 20K seat Madison Square Garden experience. But that’s me.

The Mick love was especially levitational. Thank you, oh godly metaphor of lasting vigor and thick, nut-brown hair and flat abdominal muscles, for looking like a weathered Peter Pan and prancing around like a 36 year-old workout Nazi…take our hearts and caress them, please! Talk about a contact high…

I expected the crowd to be around 65% boomers and older GenXers, and 35% younger GenX with maybe a sprinkling of older Millennials. Instead it was more like 35% or 40% boomer. Okay, maybe 45%. There were two pretty 20something girls sitting right behind us. I almost said something encouraging to them, but an instinct said “leave well enough alone.” Maybe they’re friendly with that Woke Ice Cream Girl who works in the Farmer’s Market.

The Gotti mob charged people $80 to park in the various surrounding lots (millions raked in) and we were stuck in parking-lot gridlock for 90 minutes. The show ended around 10:50 pm, and we weren’t free of the snarl until 12:20 am…no exaggeration.

19th Nervous Breakdown from Hollywood Elsewhere on Vimeo.