TheWrap‘s Jeff Sneider is reporting that Stephen Bowen, a Texas-based real-estate developer and a principal at Waterstone Entertainment, will show a “tape” of heretofore unseen footage of the 11.22.63 JFK motorcade as it passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, and that the footage might show “a guy in the bushes with a gun,” according to one person who claims to have seen the footage.

Sneider reports that the footage is owned by “a local Houston television news producer who has held it for more than 40 years. He explains that the Gersh Agency’s Jay Cohen “has agreed to broker the deal,” and that Cohen and Bowen (sounds like a vaudeville act) will show the footage next week to “news networks and other interested parties.”

In other words, the Houston TV news guy figured the price would be higher if he waited 40 years to make the footage known to the world. If it was anything to shout about this guy could have made a killing 22 years ago when Oliver Stone‘s JFK was opening in theatres, but no — the Houston guy wanted the biggest payday possible so he waited until 11.22.13. Right.

Sneider doesn’t raise (much less get answers for) four important questions. One, presuming the footage was captured on film, what kind of film was used == 8mm or 16mm color or 8mm or 16mm black-and-white? Two, if the Houston TV news producer had this alleged assassination footage locked in a safe “for more than 40 years” then it was presumably not locked away for a little less than ten years before the Houston guy took possession, and was therefore in the care of someone else. Who was this person and who, if anyone, saw this footage during those first nine or ten years (i.e., ’63 to ’72 or ’73 or thereabouts)? Three, who shot the footage and where in the Dealey Plaza area was the cameraman standing? And four, why does Sneider describe the footage as being viewable on a “tape“? Surely the owner of said footage would want to transfer the images to the highest-quality digital format.