By giving an R rating to Stephen FrearsPhilomena, one of the mildest and tidiest movies ever made for the over-35 market, the MPAA’s ratings board has once again reminded the world that they really do live in Bazonkerville. Seriously, who’s their pharmacist? As The Weinstein Co.’s Harvey Weinstein explained a few hours ago on CBS This Morning, the R rating is over a single “f” word as a movie can have one “f” and still get a PG-13. Honestly? It wouldn’t mess with the film’s integrity that much if the second “fuck” were to be over-dubbed. Butter wouldn’t melt in this movie’s mouth. Harvey says he’s worried about conservative-minded audiences in the South and Midwest being spooked by an R, but I suspect he’s playing this up because he doesn’t want urban audiences to think that Philomena is too soft.