You have to figure that the current 85% Rotten Tomatoes score for Woody Allen‘s Coup de Chance (Metacritic hasn’t weighed in yet) would be slightly higher were it not for the fact that a significant percentage of critics are cowards and whores.

Cowards and whores, I mean, even under relatively mild circumstances, but especially so, one presumes, when it comes to a Woody Allen film.

They all understand that approving of an Allen film these days could either cast suspicion upon their values or get them into trouble with editors and readers. Especially when it comes to female critics — a positive Coup de Chance review could result in a woman critic being accused of betrayal from the #MeToo corner.

From a boilerplate standpoint, there’s not much upside to praising Coup de Chance. It’s safer to pan it. Therefore the fact that a significant majority has approved of the film (an HE commenter is claiming it’s closer to 65%) means a bit more.