The major London papers have reviewed Quantum of Solace, the new 007 film, and the reactions are pretty good. Not ecstatic, but primarly enthusiastic and supportive.

One slight dissenter is the Telegraph‘s Mark Monahan who says the new film “lacks Casino Royale‘s narrative drive, and is less than the sum of its parts.” He adds, however, that “those parts are often terrific. See it for them, and see it for Daniel Craig‘s fully-formed Bond: angry, icily unsentimental, and fleetingly borderline psychotic at the close.”
Times Online critic James Christopher writes that “director Marc Forster has absorbed the lucrative lessons discovered in Martin Campbell‘s Casino Royale. He has also managed to pace his sequel much better.
Royale felt slightly wheel-clamped by one too many longeurs. If anything, the crunching chase sequences in Quantum of Solace are even more magnificently dangerous. And the daredevil leaps and tumbles through glass roofs are just as sensational as the splintering high-speed pyrotechnics.
“But it’s the amount of heartache and punishment that Craig’s new Bond absorbs that makes him look so right for our times. Bond is no longer a work in progress. He is now the cruel, finished article.”
LIkewise, the Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw is somewhere between okay and pleased with the film — he submits to the rock ‘n’ roll — but is primarily a fan of Craig’s performance.