Will you look at the guy (i.e., Josh Safdie) on the left? His eyes in particular and that Three Stooges Curly Joe nyuk-nyuk goofball expression? One glance tells you why Uncut Gems is the film that it is. One glance tells you Josh is emotionally and psychologically incapable of making a film that isn’t push push crazy-fuck pedal to the metal hyper somersault manicyeaagghhhhh! Benny (beardless, two years younger) is presumably the more moderate and political personality between them, but together they form a single rollicking aesthetic, a single hormonal urgency…fast on the draw, never slow down, never calm down, drive Hollywood Elsewhere up the wall. They’re in their mid 30s. They might start making interesting films when they hit their 50s. It’s going to take at least 15 or 20 years for these guys to settle down. They have a brand now, and so many enablers. There’s no turning back.