“A blogger is an ignorant, often times uneducated person. They are a member of a socially disadvantageous class of people. A blogger can soon become a legitimate journalist, but they don’t abide by any certain rule of grammar. Being a ‘blogger’ means you don’t get paid. It means being on the same evolutionary backporch step as a fetch-happy dog.

“An internet media journalist is not a blogger, but a blogger can be an internet journalist. I am far too intelligent and well educated to be classified as a blogger.” — from a Movieweb rant by an established guy (I’ll leave everyone to guess who) that was up earlier today, but then removed. For me the best thing about it was (a) the fact that I feel the same disdain toward some bloggers and therefore partly agree (but with a bit less vitiriol) and (b) the art. Has Devin Faraci weighed in on this?