“I must ask why you (and others, including David Poland) are ignoring the artistic crime being committed by Fox against Mike Judge‘s Idiocracy this weekend. By most accounts, this film’s satire sounds quite scathing. And the reviews seem to be generally positive (67% positive from Rotten Tomatoes), except for EW‘s truly idiotic online non-review, so I can’t buy the ‘it must be really awful’ studio line.
“That the film hasn’t been released anywhere on the east coast, and has been unceremoniously dumped in limited release in a few cities — dumped to the extent that frickin’ Moviefone actually refers to the films as ‘Untitled Mike Judge Project,’ and very few people have even seen a poster for the damn thing — is news of some sort, certainly, for entertainment journalists.
“I know you’re not in LA right now (where it’s playing), but I still think this deserves a mention. Also, it’s playing in Toronto (though not at the festival). Let’s hope some critics and journalists do their duties and see it this week or next.” — Bilge Ebiri
Okay, you’re right. I’ll see it when I get back to Toronto and then run something, before the festival starts.