Critic David Ehrlich adored Room, called Hail Caesar! “one of the Coen brothers very best”, called Clouds of Sils Maria “great art”, said that Aaron Sorkin‘s script for Steve Jobs “outdoes his work on The Social Network” and was tickled pink by The Hateful Eight, and for these five reasons he will always be regarded askance in this corner. He’s a very bright guy but also one of those critics who seem to live, breathe, assess and write inside their own secular caves, in the tradition of Richard Brody and Armond White. I’m not saying I live by “if Ehrlich likes it, there’s probably something wrong with it” but I am saying that “if Ehrlich likes it his reasons will possibly make no sense to me or I will strongly disagree with them.” He is one of those critics who’s done a lot to convince Joe Popcorn that critics are dweeby weirdos who never take the temperature of the room and write only about themselves and their colleagues and the scent of their own wind. It was announced today that Ehrlich has joined Indiewire as a senior critic — congrats.