A new trailer for Regina King and Kemp PowersOne Night in Miami (Amazon, 12.25) is out. It’s selling an impressively acted, respectably decent translation of a good, thoughtful play about African American identity in the ’60s. Here’s my 9.11.20 review.

HE to Journo Pally: “And I chuckled at that blunt candor moment when Jim Brown said he wasn’t down with the Muslim lifestyle because, in part, he likes white women.”

JP to HE: “I’m sure the real conversation was 12 times raunchier than that. I mean, one of the things I accept about this movie is that there’s a certain well-made-play decorousness to it. That’s why it’s not great or brilliant.

One Night in Miami is a real middlebrow, meat-and-potatoes movie. Even though the meeting between Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown did, in fact, happen, you know you’re watching a conceit. It’s tidy in a certain way. But given all of that, there’s a life to it.”