Primitive stuff. “Great white dope” indeed. There’s a basic instinct in Antoine Fuqua‘s films, not always present but often enough, that wants to amplify or exploit rather than insightfully explore or finesse or find new ways into familiar or otherwise common situations. Fuqua always goes for the gut impact moments. Faux-sensitive. Basically an “exploitation” guy. Jake Gyllenhaal‘s pugilist (when’s the last time you’ve seen a WASP boxer?) seems to be saying in almost every scene, “I love my little daughter…don’t take her away from me…oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood!” Tweet from Christopher Campbell (i.e., thefilmcynic): “Going by her brief scenes in the trailer, I have a feeling Oona Laurence is the one to watch in Southpaw more than Jake Gyllenhaal.”