If Jen Yamato had been working a half-century ago and had an opportunity to interview Becket director Peter Glenville, I could imagine her writing the following: “I asked Mr. Glenville to respond to criticisms that there aren’t more minority characters in his film. Why is #BecketSoWhite? Why can’t we create a medieval England as culturally diverse as the United States is now? It may not be historically accurate to do so, but accuracy needn’t be our ultimate arbiter. Why limit or restrict ourselves? As a filmmaker, Mr. Glenville, is it important or not important to consciously factor in concerns like diversity?” Yamato has a point, no? If Julius Caesar can be performed by an all-black cast and Hamilton can reimagine the colonial culture of the Founding Fathers as racially diverse, why not the court of King Henry II? I’m thinking of Don Cheadle as Henry II.