Curtis Hanson’s In Her Shoes (20th Century Fox, 10.7) is on the longish side (a bit more than 140 minutes) but don’t let that temper your enthusiasm, says an overseas distribution guy who saw it a couple of weeks ago. “I really, really liked it,” he says. “It’s very well-written” — Jennifer Weiner’s book has been adapted by Erin Brockovich‘s Susannah Grant — “and down to the bone and extremely well made. Women will absolutely love it because they will recognize themselves in any of the three main characters.” He was speaking of Cameron Diaz’s flakey irresponsible sister, Toni Collette’s irked-at-Diaz, much more conservative older sister, and Shirley MacLaine’s grandmother whom Diaz goes to visit at an old folks’ home in Florida. “But guys will love it as well,” he says. “It’s extremely well acted and very well directed by Hanson, and it’s clear that Fox gave Hanson the autonomy to adapt the way he saw fit because it sticks very close to the Weiner book. Fox had a plan to release it in May or June, but it was so well received in research screenings they decided to hold it back for awards season. There is definitely, I feel, a Best Suporting Actress nomination in the wings for Shirley MacLaine, partly because she’s so honest in how she looks her age.” In Her Shoes is playing the Toronto Film Festival, of course, so we’ll be seeing soon enough.