Remember the antiquated, wholly discriminatory term “chubby chaser”? It used to be an okay, to-each-his-own thing but now only a terrible person would even mention the “c” words, especially given the fact that there are no descriptive body types or classifications these days — there is only body positivity, different sizes and strokes, and of course different folks.

I haven’t so much as glanced at a Playboy cover or layout in many years (the last time may have been when Lindsay Lohan was the cover subject) but isn’t nudity still more or less the basic idea when it comes to posing for Playboy? Or has life passed me by? I ask because Hayley Hasselhoff, the plus-sized, history-making model on the cover of German Playboy, was fairly well covered with lingerie when she posed. Hasselhoff says she appeared “tastefully topless.”

Hayley Hasselhoff: “I think it’s very empowering. We’re in 2021 now…we’re in a place in the world where I think it’s all about being able to celebrate your body for you…at a time when we’re all worried about our self-image…it was this revolution for my own self-worth as well.”