The Dallas movie, praise the wisdom of the gods, is quite obviously cursed. The planned November shoot, which followed a previous start date, has been postponed and all the actors except John Travolta have been let go to save money. (Travolta, who is so not Chili-in-Get Shorty these days since he gained the weight back and started wearing that tennis-ball haircut, will play J.R. Ewing if and when this thing ever makes it to the screen.) The budget contraction happened because somebody at New Regency got worried about the commercial potential of an adaptation of an musty ’80s TV series, although you’d think the Devil Wears Prada audience would show up if it were half-decent. But it can’t be because the gods are foursquare against it. The obviously humane thing would be to jettison the fetus before it develops any further, but some people are tenacious no matter what.