There was an either-or work situation that Owen Wilson was looking at not long ago — a high-paying role in Steven Brill‘s Drillbit Taylor, some kind of simple-ass Paramount comedy, or a role in Wes Anderson‘s not-as-well-paying “India movie”, the title of which has now been revealed by Production Weekly as The Darjeeling Limited. But something worked out or Owen just chose the right thing, but he’s now doing the India flick. It begins shooting in December. Cowritten by Anderson, Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, it’s about three brothers travelling through India. And the brothers will be played by Owen, Jason and…Luke Wilson? HE suggestion to Wes: drop the “The” in the title and just call it Darjeeling Limited. The three-word title doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily. Naturally I’d like to score a copy of the script, and it’s starting to get around so it’s just a matter of time. If anyone wants to trade an Adobe PDF version for one of my scripts….