“First, let’s all just agree that The Dark Knight is the best picture of the year,” says the Dark Campaign‘s mission statement. “An unparalled and extraordinary achievement of filmmaking that only happens on rare occasions when lightning strikes. Audiences and critics were blown away by the riveting drama, the compelling performances, the amazing cinematography, and the startling way the film redefined cinematic storytelling in an epic crime drama about justice, society, and the nature of evil. Films like this only come along once in a lifetime.

“And yet it has an uphill battle ahead of it for Academy Awards nomination chances.

“Remember 1999? Some great groundbreaking films like Iron Giant, Fight Club, Magnolia, Election, Being John Malkovich, Talented Mr. Ripley, Man on the Moon, Run Lola Run, Three Kings. Well, guess what? Not a single one of them was nominated for Best Picture.

“So what this campaign aims to do is help turn the tide on those long odds. If people get out there and spread the word, on film sites, movie newspapers, oscar blogs, and forums all over the Internet, that the Dark Knight deserves Best Picture, then it’s bound to have an influence on Academy Voters (yes even they use the Internet). Even mainstream media might pickup the story, anything’s possible.

“So get out there and spread the word and don’t let a chance at making history for The Dark Knight pass by.”