David Carr, the N.Y. Times “Bagger” blogger, says Paramount Picture’s calorically-challenged president Gail Berman (I’m sorry but c’mon, this is a distinctive characteristic…you can’t say it isn’t) may be toast after all, and that Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel may be coming in to take up Berman’s slack. Carr is calling Paramount topper Brad Grey‘s defense of Berman in that 2.6 Laura Holson Times piece “remarkably wan,” and saying that “two people” he’s spoken to have “suggested that Emanuel will be brought in to help run the place in Ms. Berman’s stead.” Strange and prejudiced and as un-p.c. as this may sound, I suspect that deep, deep down (and I mean down the elevator in a coal mine), Berman’s c.c. factor is not a political plus for her. Face it — there are next to no c.c. stand-outs in the film industry, and I think we all recognize there’s a reason behind this.