Two things before I take the rest of the day off. One, I feel no obligation to pay more than minimal attention to the fact that Zsa-Zsa Gabor — the first goddess of grasping Hollywood greed, the spiritual grandmother of the Paris Hilton-Kim Kardashian virus that has spread across our land, the oomphy blonde who became notorious for divorce settlements and nothingness and fame for fame’s sake — has passed at age 99. And two, I’m sorry to report that an Oscar Poker chat that I recorded with Jordan Ruimy a couple of hours ago just bored the pants off me when I tried to edit it down. Not Jordan’s “fault” or mine — we both just sounded under-energized or something. No depth or bounce or passion. Sometimes you strike out — it happens. Again, the mp3.

Shot in 1972, when Keith Richards was around 29.

A friend received this a day or two ago.