Credible-sounding, first-person, journalist-vetted stories about various instances of sexually aggressive moves by Donald Trump have been pouring out since yesterday, and I think we all understand that Trump’s “it’s all fabrication, all bullshit” defense is itself bullshit. Multiple torpedo gashes, water pouring in, the ship sinking, man the lifeboats, etc.

The Presidential campaign of the 70 year-old mogul was toast before; now it’s burnt toast. He’s not only finished, but will probably take the Republican Senatorial majority over the side with him. It’s not likely that the Congressional Republican majority will be overturned also, but I can dream, can’t I?

How could Trump have figured this stuff wouldn’t come out if he ran for President? One, he never figured he’d get this far when he first announced his candidacy. Two, he’s so encased in his hermetically-sealed reality that he figured he could just deny and bluster his way past any allegations that might surface.

Trump began his campaign by denigrating Mexicans, but in the end he was destroyed by his arrogant, Napoleon-the-conqueror attitude towards women. Eat shit, mogul. Enjoy the sensation as your lungs fill with sea water and screaming is worthless as you begin to black out from a lack of oxygen.

By late Wednesday the allegations against Trump included (1) a People magazine reporter, Natasha Stoynoff, writing that Trump forced himself during a private moment inside Mar-a-Lago while she was interviewing him and Melania in 2005; (2) two women telling the N.Y. Times that Trump aggressively groped or French-kissed them without consent; (3) A pair of former Miss USA contestants claiming that The Donald casually walked in when they were nude or near-nude in a dressing room; (4) A Palm Springs woman claiming she was ass-grabbed by Trump during a 2003 event at Mar-A-Lago; (5) The airing of a 1992 videotape in which Trump jokes about possibly dating a 10-year-old when she turns 20, or words to that effect.

They’re all lying, right, Donald?

One minor comment about the 10-year-old girl thing. It’s obviously vulgar and inappropriate for a 40something rich guy to speculate about making a move when a young girl reaches the age of consent, but read the lyrics to The Beach Boys’ “The Little Girl I Once Knew” and tell me the difference between what Brian Wilson wrote in the ’60s and what Donald Trump said in ’92. Wilson wrote “how could I ever have known that / she’d be what she is today?” The answer is “are you kidding?…look at her.” When Jett had recently turned 17 we went to a backyard suburban party in New Jersey, and a woman I’d known for decades joked that if she was younger she’d be open to whatever might happen between them. Same basic acknowledgment. She was joking but so was Trump in that ’92 tape.