Over 40 women have claimed that Bill Cosby drugged and had his way with them, and one or more persons on the nearly-all-white jury is refusing to find Cosby guilty in the Andrea Constand case?

Cosby has been charged with three aggravated indecent assault charges for the usual “while you were sleeping” routine (drugging victim, molesting her while she’s out). It would take a herculean act of denial to not comprehend that Constand’s account of what happened with Cosby is more or less identical to the many, many other accounts that have come forward from other victims, and yet one or more persons on that Constand jury is digging in and saying “Uhm-uhn…nope.”

The notion that it’s not just the Constand case but the cases of all the Cosby victims rolled into one — one or more jurors is rejecting this also.

Two Cosby jurors are black, one of them being”a woman in her 30s.” Nobody knows how many jurors are refusing to convict, and one can’t necessarily presume that the two black jurors are among the naysayers. But what are the odds that they’re with the majority?

Facts, evidence and likelihood be damned — it’s always been very hard to get a guilty verdict when a world-famous celebrity has been charged. Grim up, face the possibility — Bill Cosby could walk.

Variety account: “The jury in the sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby informed the judge Thursday morning that it is deadlocked on all three charges against the legendary entertainer, but the judge sent them back to the deliberating room to try again. ‘We cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of the charges,’ the jury foreperson wrote in a note to Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill.

“Cosby, 79, stood and watched closely as the predominantly white jury of seven men and five women filed into the courtroom, most appearing weary and glum. The jury has been deliberating for about 30 hours and is now in its fourth day of deliberations. The judge denied a defense request for a mistrial. ‘It’s simply inappropriate at this time,’ said O’Neill.

“If convicted of all three charges, Cosby could be sentenced to up to 10 years on each count.”

From “Bill Cosby’s relationship with African Americans is anything but black and white,” a 6.16 Los Angeles Times story by Greg Braxton: “Some observers of the proceedings have drawn comparisons between the Cosby case and the murder trial of former football star O.J. Simpson.

“Inside that courtroom, race took center stage in several instances, particularly when Simpson defense attorney Johnnie Cochran maintained Simpson had been targeted by Los Angeles Police Department Det. Mark Fuhrman, who had been taped used racial epithets in the past. And the not-guilty verdict exposed the simmering rift between whites and blacks who felt the justice system had treated African Americans unfairly.

“Although the 12-member Cosby jury has just two African Americans, experts ranging from entertainers to scholars claim the Cosby case lacks a similarly sharp racial edge, largely due to allegations by more than 50 women who say Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them.”