I’m asking myself what dramatic scenario would give me greater discomfort than Todd Haynes‘ forthcoming gay period romance?

C’mon, be honest…what would make me squirm in my seat more than watching a 1930s period piece in which an older, somewhat volatile Los Angeles cop (Joaquin Phoenix) falls into a torrid affair with “a deeply assmilated Native American schoolteacher” (not yet cast but probably to be played by a cute 20something guy) in the jungles of Mexico?

How many thousands of straight guys like myself are waiting for a film like this to come along? Can the number even be quantified?

World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy reported yesterday that Haynes’ untitled love story will begin shooting on 7.29.24.

Verbatim: “A brutal, passionate love affair that rearranges their perceptions of the past, the future, and themselves.”