The analysis in Ross Douhat’s 3.25 N.Y. Times essay about the decline and near-collapse of the classic Hollywood theology and that once magnificent blend of quality-aspiring movies and the Oscar culture that promoted and celebrated them…the Douhat analysis is fairly spoton except for one thing.

In order to fortify and burnish his reputation as a sensible, moderate, center-right columnist, Douhat declines to mention the central cancerous element that has, over the last five or six years, increasingly isolated Hollywood from the culture at large and prompted Joe and Jane Popcorn to reject the Oscar telecast in droves, especially in the wake of last April’s Union Station calamity.

In a phrase (or more precisely 22 words), Douhat declines to mention the climate of woke terror and the resultant overhauls and purges that have put the fear of God into everyone and everything.

Another essay, written by a Substack friend, says it plain. Here are some excerpts:

Note: Substack friendo fails to mention the Academy museum’s recent announcement that an exhibit focused on the Jewish-mogul founders will debut in the spring of ‘23.