After getting shot and falling off a moving train, Daniel Craig‘s James Bond falls a good six seconds before hitting the river below. I don’t precisely know how fast a falling human body travels, but I’m figuring at least 50 or 60 feet per second. Six seconds x 60 = 360 feet. Tony Scott died after jumping 365 feet off the Vincent Thomas Bridge so how dumb is this scene?

A 4.11 story about a girl who survived a leap from San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge reads as follows: “The Golden Gate Bridge has been a notorious place for suicides since it was built in 1937 and very few survive the 220 foot fall the middle of the span or the frigid, fast moving water below. A fall off the Golden is the equivalent of a four second 25-story fall and the human body is usually shattered when it strikes the water at 75 mph.”

If everyone thought like me the Bond producers would eventually say, “Wow, looks like the exaggerated bullshit cartoon CG action scenes that have been working their way into the Bond legend since the Roger Moore days aren’t playing anymore. I guess we’ll have to go back to lean and mean hardball realism. Wow, what a challenge in this day and age, eh? Let’s talk to the stunt guys and see what’s possible.”