75% of the Rotten Tomatoes gang hates, hates, hates Balls of Fury. Let’s all get together and sledgehammer this one to death before it gets rolling. The Metacritic rating is 42% positive, but that ‘s because of three critics who give it a thumbs-up — the Seattle Post-Intelligencer‘s Andy Spletzer, the N.Y. Daily NewsElizabeth Weitzman and the Hollywood Reporter‘s Shari Linden. (They’re entitled — there’s no one “right” way to regard a film — but henceforth they’re going to be watched for further irregularities.)

It would be cruel to hope for Dan Fogler‘s film career to be stopped in its tracks, but I’ve had an animal dislike for this guy from the get-go. Like Peter Jackson (whom Fogler resembles), he has no sense of restraint or Zen calm. He’s a roly-poly ape. N.Y. Times critic A.O. Scott says he looks like “the love child of Jack Black and the pornographic-film star Ron Jeremy.”