Elite Cannes press (i.e., those with white or pink-with-yellow-pastille passes) always huddle tightly in the center position prior to a Salle Debussy screening. I don’t know why there’s an urgency to push in but there always is. It gets worse when the Cannes guards start letting this group in. For whatever reason I always go along with it and maintain a close position to the guy in front of me as I gently nudge my way forward. I don’t believe in pushing but once I’m in this thing I don’t exactly believe in letting others go first either. I believe in being calm and polite and cool, but also in getting past the guards sooner rather than later. It’s a very delicate balance. Yesterday I was behind a guy who was erring slightly on the side of not being aggressive enough. I didn’t say anything, of course, but if my thought bubble could be seen it would read “it’s not my idea but we’re in a Darwinian situation here…just steel yourself and nudge your way forward, dude…let’s get this over with.”