…but it’s irritating in a lot of ways. That’s putting it concisely, I think.

I’ll always be a sucker for any kind of humid, storied New Orleans atmosphere, and a noirish mood only adds…not as rich as Angel Heart’s in this case, but one that at least lets you savor the flush fragrances of the Garden district. In this respect it’s an agreeable hang.

But man, what a perplexing and unsatisfying story about dread and a weird form of impotence and crazy-rage jealousy. Plus the head-scratching dynamic between the perverse married-couple leads, originally created by Patricia Highsmith and played by Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. Not to mention a final 45 minutes that really doesn’t work from a logical standpoint and which even flirts with self-mockery. Not to…

Look, can I finish this tomorrow morning? I’m not feeling the mojo right now. Plus I have to hit the market before it gets too late. Everyone knows this movie is a stiff so what’s the difference if I carve it up tonight or tomorrow?