Archie (Britbox, 11.23), a four-part biopic of Cary Grant (aka Archie Leach), might be tolerable or even agreeable by direct-to-streaming standards. Give it a chance, right? But you have to wonder about the casting…God.

60 year-old Jason Isaacs, who plays the older, gray-haired, bespectacled Grant in his ’50s and ’60s, is a gifted actor and probably delivers some kind of acceptable Cary inhabiting. But he doesn’t begin to resemble the fellow. Not for a blink of an eyelash.

The producers were presumably aware that Grant had brown “cow eyes,” as Myrna Loy described them in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (’48). Isaac has icy blue eyes — intense, crinkly, a bit warlocky.

And 19 year-old Oaklee Pendergast, a young beanpole with rodent eyes, plays Grant at age 27 or thereabouts. Not a hint. Nothing. Why?

The producers probably figured “well, Isaacs doesn’t look like Grant so that lets us off the hook with Pendergast.” Except Pendergast doesn’t look like a young Isaacs either. Why do casting agents cast biopics in this crazy-ass way?

And yet Laura Aikman is a dead ringer for the young Dyan Cannon, who was married to Grant from the early to mid ’60s. And Ellie MacDowall seems like an acceptable stand-in for Jennifer Grant, the now 57-year-old daughter of Grant and Cannon.

A likely reason for these two resemblances is that Dyan Cannon and Jennifer Grant are executive producers of Archie.

Dainton Anderson and Calam Lynch reportedly also play Grant at different stages of his journey.

Archie was created and written by Jeff Pope; the four episodes were written by Paul Andrew Williams.