A portion of the Detroit team greeted journalists during a two-hour schmoozer earlier today at Nerano (9960 Santa Monica Blvd., just east of Century City). By “portion” I mean that the only above-the-title guy to attend was producer-writer Mark Boal, and the only familiar faces among the cast were Will Poulter, who played the most belligerent of the racist cops, and Algee Smith, the good-looking guy who played musician Larry Reed. Questlove, the composer of the closing-credits tune “It Ain’t Fair“, was also there.

Not in attendance were director Kathryn Bigelow plus senior cast members John Boyega, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell and John Krasinski. Producer Megan Ellison, owner and CEO of Annapurna Pictures, didn’t show either; ditto Annapurna marketing honcho Michael Tritter.

(l. to r.) Detroit cast members Malcolm David Kelley, Nathan Davis Jr., “It Ain’t Fair” composer Questlove, Kaitlyn Dever Chasity Saunders (from The Knockturnal), Will Poulter, Leon Thomas III, Joseph Davis Jones (“Jojo”).

Thanks to Annapurna’s Adriene Bowles and Oscar strategist Karen Fried for inviting me. Great food, good chatter, nice time. My review of Detroit, posted on 7.23.17.