No matter how many times you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, watch this clip and tell me you’re not disappointed that it ends before Leo staggers inside the house, wrestles with Jonah Hill over talking to Jean Dujardin on the phone with that long white cord snapping like a bullwhip, and then Jonah collapsing and choking to death and Leo realizing that he needs “spinach” after watching a Popeye cartoon, etc. That “awww, shit” feeling you get when this clip ends is all the proof you need. “This feat of elaborate physical comedy, more than any other, is why Mr. DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for best performance in a comedy,” Jason Zinoman wrote in a 1.24 N.Y. Times piece. “In The King of Comedy, Mr. Scorsese teased a dramatic performance of gravitas out of Jerry Lewis. But here he pulled off a more unlikely achievement: transforming Mr. DiCaprio into Jerry Lewis.”