If anyone has a copy of Brad Ingelsby‘s The Low Dwellers, the script that Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio plan to make into a film sometime down the road, please shoot up a flare. The combination of the words “heated bidding war” and “echoes of The History of Violence and No Country for Old Men” in Steven Zeitchik‘s 3.21 Hollywood Reporter story have triggered the usual intrigues.
“Set in Indiana in the mid-1980s, the story centers on a man (DiCaprio) trying to assimilate into society after he’s released from jail, only to find someone from his past pursuing him to settle a score,” Zeitchik’s summarizes. (If this had been made in 1950, it would have been a Robert Mitchum movie.) “In addition to the pursuer, a third male character and a female love interest are said to figure prominently,” blah, blah.
I love the part about Ingelsby being “a twentysomething working as an insurance salesman in Pennsylvania” who “[worked] on the script in his spare time and has yet to step foot in Hollywood…but he has hit the spec jackpot, with the project selling for mid-six against low-seven figures.” Hah!
DiCaprio and Scott will co-produce, with the latter obviously directing and Leo starring. They recently wrapped Body of Lies for Warners. DiCaprio will next make Shutter Island with Martin Scorsese directing. Scott’s next film is (ugh!) Nottingham, the Robin Hood drama that will portray Russell Crowe‘s Sheriff of Nottingham as a cool good guy. (As long as he loses 50 pounds.)