…and I was surprised to discover that I immediately felt a certain compassion for Keifer Sutherland‘s Lieutenant Commander Phillip Queeg. He seemed far less certain of himself than Humphrey Bogart‘s 1954 version, who behaves in a far more high-strung and looney-toonish way at times.

Right away I said to myself, “Sutherland is not playing a bad guy…he’s playing a focused Navy lifer who’s afraid of losing face by way of slipping on a banana peel.”

And I really liked Tom Riley‘s performance as Lieutenant Willis Keith — a far more interesting performance (wittier, twitchier, faster on his feet) than the one given by Robert Francis in the Edward Dmytryk original.

I felt constantly repelled by those clunky, thick-soled black shiny shoes that all the Navy guys wear in this film. Jesus, they look awful.