That viral video of a Hawthorne cop shooting a rottweiler four times followed by the poor dog writhing in pain…awful. I always thought if you shoot a dog, God forbid, that he’d be out like a light. It was obviously a volatile, hair-trigger thing on the cop’s part, but rottweilers are killers. The video clearly shows that the owner was taunting the fuzz, and if he’d been smart he wouldn’t have allowed the dog to jump out of the back seat by failing to roll the windows up two-thirds. We all know why people own Rottweilers. They want a snarling beast by their side in the event of a home invasion or street altercation of some kind. Eff with me and my dog will take a chunk out of your ass. Yes, the poor dog was only following instinct by trying to protect his owner, but the owner created the hassle in the first place.