Can someone explain why the new double-disc DVD of Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining, which comes out on 10.23, runs 119 minutes while the old 2001 single- disc DVD runs 143 minutes? The film’s IMDB page says the running time is 119 minutes” but also that the “normal USA version” runs 143 minutes. I’m confused. What’s going on?

On top of which the 2001 DVD was presented in 1.33 to 1 (in line with Kubrick’s vision, I love all that extra head space) and the new double-disc version is matted at 1.78 to 1.

The film’s IMDB page also notes that the “original” version — the one with the final scene in the hospital between Shelly Duvall and Barry Nelson — ran 146 minutes. I saw this version at a plush Warner Bros. screening room in Manhattan a few weeks before it opened. Kubrick cut it out after some complaints came in.