With Joe Biden having taken slight leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Fat Donny is almost certainly finished. As in fuhgdedaboudit. As in the clouds have parted and beams of sunlight are streaming down upon the crop.

No, we haven’t arrived at an absolute, definitive, N.Y. Times-certified victory moment for Biden. He was less than 1,000 votes ahead of Trump in the land of Joe-gia, peaches and Stacey Abrams, and a mere 5,500 votes over Trump in the Keystone state. And of course recounts and bullshit legal challenges will ensue.

But you can pretty much take it to the bank on a 98% basis — the foulest, lying-est, and most horrific President in U.S. history has lost his bid for re-election. Thank God in heaven and may all the angels sing in harmony as we drop to our knees in gratitude.

If you think I’m being delusional or incautious, ask Vox — they called it for Biden early this morning.

Watching Real Time with Bill Maher this evening is going to be absolutely jubilant.