“Was it not just the other day that I mentioned the travesty of Prince of the City not being released on DVD? The double-disc treatment will get this masterpiece seen by many more than ever had a chance to catch it in theaters. I don’t know of any other film of this quality not yet out in the format…and POTC really is the best antecedent of Zodiac, which I saw the other night.

Zodiac is a film that, on the one hand, seems to burst a blood vessel of tension when it wants to do so (pretty amazing for a film that tells a story in which we already know the answers) — but on the other hand, it’s more laconic scenes have a kind of ethereal beauty to them — there’s a warm bath quality to most of the film — perhaps that is due to how perfectly it captures an era in time. An era that most of us savor — for the movies, the music, the bad clothes and gas guzzlers.” — a director friend, writing late this afternoon.