“A national IQ test for women takes place starting tonight — it’s called Sex and the City,” wrote conservative-minded film critic Debbie Schlussel three days ago in a piece called “Hags and the City.” The article was highlighted today (6.2) by the Village Voice‘s Roy Edroso in a column about reactions to the film among right-wing bloggers.
“If you like this TV-show-turned-feature-length-film and you’re female, you failed. If you like it, and you’re a guy, you threw away your man card long ago. You’re not a failure, just gay (like the people who created this show)…not to mention, completely bereft of testosterone.
“A close-up shot of a woman’s pubic hair sticking out of her bathing suit, and another woman defecating in her pants — both are, um, ‘highlights’ of the SATC movie. GUH-ROSS. I thought I was watching a bad, juvenile frat boy movie. This is what substitutes for haute culture for women in America, these days. Very sad. But not as sad and miserable as these four haggish women, who like their former TV show, can’t be called ‘past their prime’ because they never were ‘prime.’ Just primitive…and reliably sleazy and low-class.
“Unfortunately, they’re Delphic oracles to far too many American women, if the long lines of drooling women who packed four large theaters at a promotional screening I attended were any indication.”